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    Samsung W2019 key features unveiled,Comes with dual display

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    Samsung W2019 key features unveiled again through TENAA.The smartphone is a new flip phone from Samsung which wil launch as a successor of W2018 soon.Early it was succeeded Bluetooth certification from TENAA and got some images also.

    However,the new report says that Samsung W2019 will be equipped with 3000 mah battery and two screens with 4.2 inch display.Its dimensions also detailed in this report which measured as 132.9 mm height,63.2 mm width and 17.3 mm thickness.The handset will support dual sim with dual standby mode.

    From early leaks,Samsung W2019 would feature Snapdragon 845 processor with 6GB RAM and dual camera setup with unknown pixel size.I guess it may come with Android 9 Pie.



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