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    Mi7 appeared in Geekbench as Xioami Dipper

                 It is only few hours ago I posted here about Xiaomi Mi 7 display and face unlock system.The phone is expected to feature notch on display and will have face unlock system.Now a Mi device has been appeared as Dipper in Geekbench with some key features,said to be Mi 7.Let us go through results shown in Geekbench.

             The device,codenamed as Dipper run on Snapdragon 845 processor with 6 GB of RAM.The processor is run on maximum speed of 1.7 GHz.It is on Android 8 Oreo of android version.With above combination of hardware and software the phone manages to acheive 2449 on single core and 8309 on multi score tests.The score is quiet lower tha S9 series but it managed to overcome Samsung S8.
                Previously I posted its key features expected in Mi 7,in that it would have 845 processor,OLED display with notch and facial unlock syatem.As we speculating launching of Mi Mix 2S on 27 March,Mi 7 also to launch soon.Nevertheless,company has not been raised any officaial announcement of this.

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