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    S9 Plus benchmark surfaced shows its performance

    Early we discussed about specifications of Samsung S9 and S9 plus,and now new news got online that benchmark scores of S9 plus  found for some time.It was Geek benchmark.Previously geek benchmark of S9 had leaked and that was very impressive on both single and multi cores.Now the S9 plus geek benchmark reveals that it is top score by an android.But sadly,it could not defeat ios scores.

         The benchmark score details was found in telefoonabannement shows that S9 plus got 3775 on single core and 9024 in multi core Geek benchmark test results.The chip set used in tested phone is Exynos 9810 which is a Samsung made chip.As mentioned above it scores highest in android while snapdragon 845  which is flagship chip from Qualcomme,did not reach that score.Comparing to S8 plus it scored pretty better while S8 plus scored 2159 and 7235 on single and multi scores respectively.


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