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    MWC 2018:Expected phones to launch


                  It is only few more hours are left to begin biggest mobile expo MWC 2018 at Barcelona.In this event,all gadget manufactures announce and unveil their new products.Here, we are describing some popular phones which are expected to launch in the event.
                 Firstly,it has to be started with Samsung S9,beacuse this is ine of the most awaited phone in this season till now.The Samsung would launch two smartphones in this event which are S9 and S9 Plus.It is expecting that S9 will launch with a 5.8 inch infinity display while S9 has 6.2 inch.There would be a huge upgrade in camera department,as given given their teaser.Expected key features of phones includes Snapdragon 845 processor,4 or 6 GB RAM,stellar camera like DSLR and improved battery.It is expecting that Samsung may introduce some thing new like infinity display.
                 Considering to Sony,it was rumored that they also to launch two new phones that XZ2 and XZ2 Compact.The XZ2 will be a premium device with premium specification while XZ2 Compact will be an affordable with good specifications.It is speculated to have 18:9 aspect ratio display on both devices.Sony phones will be equipped with 845 snapdragon processor,4 GB RAM and spectacular camera.
               The Huawei P series may not reveal in MWC as they have already out an invitation for next month.So expecting that they may announce Honor 7c or Enjoy 8,which were leaked two days before.
                Motorola would not announce any flagship here,as rumoured they will launch three mid range phones;Moto G6,G6 play and G6 plus.These phones will have mid range and low end processor and decent camera.
                  For LG,there was a rumour that LG is working next flagship phone code named as Judy.But reports claims that it would announce after May or June.But they speculated to launch two mid range phones LG K10 and K8.
                     Another one manufaturer,which I forgot to include in top paragraph is Mi.Mi was working on two devices which are Mi 7 and Mi Mix2S.There was lot of rumors and leaks about both phones,and even a hands on video also was leaked.But it is not confirmed that which one will debut in MWC.Mi Mix series was famous with its full screen no bezel display.
                  Alcatel is prepared to launch a bunch of phones at MWC.The renders and specifications are already on air.
                    The Apple would not reveal any phones in MWC as they usually launch their phone in August.But they may launch any tablets atleast.

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